McCullars Family

Hello, everyone! We are the McCullars family. We are from Dublin, GA and have been married for 7 years. We have two beautiful twin daughters, Emmie and Ella who have brought so much joy into our lives. We are active members of Connection Church Dublin. Adam is former military and served for 7 years at Fort Stewart where he was a Physical Therapy Assistant. I am a fourth grade teacher at Southwest Laurens Elementary School. After several years of praying, we have felt the call to try IVF again. We have been down this long and hard road before. It is a difficult road to travel on but one that we know is worth the cost. We are so excited to hopefully expand our family. IVF has already blessed us with two miracle children and we pray that God will lend us one more to raise for His Kingdom. We ask for prayers from family, friends, and our community as we embark on another round. Thank you for your support! We can never thank you all enough! 

Forever grateful,
Adam, Courtney, Emmie, & Ella McCullars

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